Friday, January 28, 2011

Are you ready for the DN Worlds

Too much stuff to do and not enough time. First get your boat ready, put it in the trailer, load up all the gear and point it North for the Michigan border. For others they have some extra work cut out for them. Perhaps rigging the boat and then doing all of the above stuff.
As for the lake we went out about an hour ago in between sprayings. What exists now is we still have some slush spots but those are getting smaller yet again. Basically you walk until you see the gray poking through. These areas are smaller and there are fewer of them around. As for snow out towards the middle or basically 200 feet offshore there was less then 1 inch of very light fine snow. Tonight the forecast is mixed from all different sources. Drizzle and snow seem to be the most popular. It could miss us completely as we are on the edge or we could get up to 2 inches. Tomorrow a couple of sailors are going out to rec sail some of the west end, we will keep you posted.
For all of the GLIYC members going to the DN Worlds have fun and sail fast. Who knows we might see all you guys down here real soon.

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