Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Ice Report

Here is the 1/14/11 Report

The ice conditions for the West end of Green Lake.
There are three inches of ice with the top layer being refroze snow ice. The surface is pretty hard but the thickness is still pretty much needing another few days of freezing temps. There is NO drifting currently and there is only about one inch of light snow on top, this is an extremely light snow and not at all crusty. You could sail it right now in decent wind.

The East end of Green Lake.
This has a couple of days more freezing time. There are a number of openings, one specifically in the mouth of the bay. One ATV went in earlier today (1/14).

Be very careful until we have a chance to do extensive checking on either end.

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  1. Are home-builds welcome on your lake? thanks Jim @ CAMPBELLSPORT area