Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The snow stick after the storm

The past storm Connor dropped a lot of snow somewhere but I think we got off pretty lucky. As you can see we have somewhere between five and six inches across the whole surface. On the shorelines we have about an inch or two of slush out about 50 feet from shore. Once out past that we have solid ice. The wet spots we saw earlier before the snow seem to have disappeared for the most part, most likely they firmed up. The snow measurements are from the center of the lake, which had very little drifting. So we are not looking at 12-18 inch drifts anywhere, nor did we have that 6-10 inches of pre storm snow either.

The positive of all this is that hopefully what we have will resurface way before any of the surrounding lakes do.
Off to the work party tonight, rumor has it the new edition sweatshirts are coming tonight.

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