Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Members of the GLIYC

Julie Jankowski, a 3rd generation Green Lake sailing enthusiast, began sailing and racing on softwater at age 7 when her father built her a pram. She then raced Stars with her father and finally E scows in her teens with neighborhood lakeshore pals. At 18 she met husband Mike racing against him on the E scows, Mike and his father introduced her to iceboating that winter.
After falling in love with their DN's and Nite and also her future husband, she has spent her winters ever since taking out any interested newbies on rides on the iceboats. Her ride of choice to get people hooked on the sport is their two person Nite. Over the years, Julie has been more active in helping judge and run races than in competition.

The Jankowski family has three kids, Ava, Stefan and Anna and all have softwater raced. Stefan has iceboated and built his own boat in his early teens with his dad Mike and friend Joe Norton's assistance, he raced it for three season. During the summer Julie has raced Cats, Snipes and sub crewed during regattas on "whatever".

So if you look for Julie on the ice don't look for the old gold Nite, it is now a metallic forest green, "I always carry extra helmets and warm clothing...when you are ready to try it...find me on the ice. Come out and join the fun, a $20 membership gets you use of our club boats...a rare benefit in this day and age"!

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