Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to attract new iceboat friends and club members

Mike and Julie,

I simply want to thank you both for the great day that Karin and I were able to spend with you both on Saturday. For Karin, getting the ride early in the day was an unexpected treat. For me, the entire day was perfect. What a great bunch of folks. Learning about ice boating, watching all of the rigging, lunch with a bunch of sailors, sailing the DN, riding the big boat and then finally solo sailing the Nite is my definition of a perfect day. Topping the whole thing off with the fundraising dinner was great.

Little did I know what I was getting into when I bought the raffle tickets last summer to win this prize. This is a raffle package that you should absolutely keep offering. Too few people around Green Lake know how much fun this is and how little time, money and effort it takes to enjoy it because of the GLIYC. What other exciting winter sport can you learn from the best, sail with a great instructor and finally solo without having to buy equipment or pay very expensive rental costs up front. All while enjoying a great bunch of fellow Green Lake and regional sailors.

I have some ideas regarding how to make the raffle package even more attractive to further spread the word about the club and the sport. If you are interested, let's talk before the next GLA gala.

Green Lake Association Gala $50
Ice Boat Raffle tickets $40
Day spent Jankowski's on lake Priceless

Thanks so much,

Bob and Karin Rettger

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