Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday's Ice report

From Sunday
The latest report that came in Sat/Sun came from Joe, mirrors what I saw when I walked the ice yesterday afternoon. The entire lake is frozen from one end to the other. Normally it freezes on the ends and sometimes stays open in the middle or one end freezes and then the next. This time it all went at once. The middle is bare of snow we believe there is 1-2" of ice in the middle. The east end had 4-5 inches off of Deerings
 Monday afternoon
The white cover on the lake is significantly gone and there are a bunch of dark spots, probably the snow melting into the ice. We are supposed to drop down into the low teens tonight which should firm everything up and we get temps under the twenties for lows through the weekend. Hopefully in the am on Tuesday we can check and get a thickness report for the west end.

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