Monday, February 13, 2012

All tired out are ya!

The meeting place was down in front of Norton's and the sailing island, and it was a good spot to watch and hangout. We had about 15 boats with a mix of everything from DN's to skeeters to Nites out racing, cruising and giving rides. It was not a formal weekend of sailing as most were expecting to be racing on Green Bay but that never pulled off, and for a last minute/early morning decision it was a good cookout and great afternoon of sailing.

We had the club atv out and it worked great as it sure makes scouting and race management so much easier, even helps more when Brian brings his out as well. As for ice conditions we had between 8 to 9 inches of solid black ice with a couple of 2 inch drifts and fair amount of lighter drifts as well. It remained soft snow all day long but was at days end getting a little stiffer. We will see what happens today with the sun up.

The hot talk of the grill was the now growing list of people looking to get a DN to sail for next year. Someone was quoted as saying his list was perhaps up to ten boats, well that's almost a club in its self. Hopefully Joe will again open the shop....hint hint.

Something we added last week were the new pages which has info on the Ice Opti's and also club race results.

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