Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So whats the next project?

An interesting discussion happened with a close friend. He asked me how club projects affected the club and participation. Did the membership of the club grow with the more projects we tackled or did it tend to be a situation where people had volunteer burnout. He asked "How do you know?"

My response was that in a sport that is highly dependant on the undependable, meaning weather, we have tried our best to make the whole experience one of a group gathering vs the customary splinter groups or individuals. The hardcore racers tend to do things alone or in small groups, converge on events and center on those events at which time they become social within those groups or organizations. I mentioned that it was my belief that it had an impact on your local club in that growing your membership flat lined and that most clubs struggled to keep members involved and active within this structure, of which he agreed. The idea of work nights and projects were of immense value.

So on that note what is going to be this summers project? Please offer up some ideas.

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  1. Funny you should ask! I have 19 names of people that want to build a DN! Peter and Drew have offered a bay in their shop as the " V's ICEBOAT SHOP"!!!!! Also, anybody that wants to help me do the "Kids Building Optis" picnic at my shop this summer is welcome! Also, we really need a workable gin pole for the B boat!