Monday, November 12, 2012

Guess what I got!!

This past Sunday was the Iceboat Swap Meet down at Geneva, this is the time of the year when everyone starts to think seriously about iceboating. For many others it is the opportunity to spend lots of cash and buy cool stuff. All the big DN suppliers are there with all the cool stuff. We will have to wait and see who came home with what goodies.

What we do know is that a GLIYC member came home via the Gratton's lugging a 22' sternsteerer on their roof racks, no idea if it is in Green Lake or Oshkosh. However I was told it had a Green Lake or bust sign on the back. Lets hope so. Maybe it will be at one of the work nights.

As for other purchases, Curt was picking up his new DN this weekend which is cools as well. He already has an Arrow so this should be a welcome addition. Hopefully he will be able to race with everyone this season.

So let us know what you got.


  1. Any word on who got the sternsteerer

  2. Right now it is in Andy Gratton's backyard. There are a number of people thinking about it though.