Monday, December 31, 2012

Wait till they see the real thing

The conditions were probably too snowy for the true ice boater, there was some wind at times but probably not as much as we all would have liked, but as in life it is how you deal with what you have that makes all the difference. What we were not short of was a bunch of younger people that were flat out excited to try an iceboat. There were about 15 of them ready to go and we were still missing two complete families besides. There is probably not one single iceboat club that would not love to have a potential plethora of young sailors sitting in the wings ready to embrace the sport. It was truly impressive.

Thanks to all that helped out on the ice, Joe for instructing and giving the basic run through. Mike Jankowski for plowing, setting up boats and having a lot of faith. Nolan for the final shop push last week and use of the new Ice Opti trailer(just kidding). Todd Morgan for set up and pushing everyone to keep going. Dawn Morgan for providing the house for the after sail party and Mimi for helping with the cooking. Also a thanks to Drew Zeratsky for ATV work and taking pictures.

There we be more pictures to follow. Thanks to Kathy Zeratsky for these set up shots.

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