Monday, January 21, 2013

Latest updates in the World of Iceboating

The DN Gold Cup is searching out new ice after conducting extensive ice checks on local lakes. Rumor has it that Central Michigan around the Manistee Forest has a very nice sheet of ice and so does Lake Pepin which is part of the Mississippi River chain. It does not sound like Winnebago is choice number one. Checkout for more info.

The Nites as well have postponed their Nationals waiting for better conditions to fill in. The best locations like Green Lake and Lake Geneva have yet to fill in. Patience is a virtue and it pays off when looking for great ice.

As for the Northwest it is anyones guess where it is going to be sailed out of on Lake Winnebago this weekend. We will just have to wait and see what comes about on Wednesday.

If it was my guess I would put my money on Green Lake freezing Tuesday 1/22 at about 7am, club racing this weekend and the Northwest next week.

But then again what do I know. To be continued....

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  1. Did anyone catch Fox 11 this morning. Otter Street crew says there is a fair amount of open water holes in the middle of Winnebago. They were interviewing home owners on east side of the lake about the first ever January ice shoves. The piles were huge.