Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Northwest postponed

I have gotten almost zilch done today as I have tried to explain to the many that have called on the bat-phone why the regatta was postponed. For a bunch of people that have done this they know that until the flag drops it is a constant search for the right conditions and right locations. What happened here was that the ice was scouted, in a limited manner with what resources were available early in the week. As the event got closer more resources were utilized. In the process of expanding the available resources, the resources were able to cover broader areas. In effect, more or less the ice was neither good nor safe, or a combination of both. You then postpone.

There are many variables besides ice thickness. Besides when people measure ice they always think it is thicker then what it really is. It probably is a guy issue?? Women ice scouters would probably be more realistic. Remember 5 inches is almost the height of a beer can, a Corona bottle is more like 8 inches. That is a huge difference in ice thickness almost 30%.

So the moral of the story is you really need to sail the ice or scout it, doing it with a bunch of eyes makes it less opinion driven and more realistic. This is one of the few times that a crowd mentality is better.

So do not worry the regatta will happen, just keep looking for ice.

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