Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The story of Randy's boat.

So what is the story of Randy's boat? I asked Andy Gratton one of the true historians of iceboating what he knew of this boat, well it kind of looks like a Nite right? Well there is a story to this boat which Randy told me, when he was on the ice with it on Sunday. It was I believe his first shakedown cruise of the boat since he bought it up in Neenah a few weeks back.

This boat was one of seven that was produced by a fiberglass truck topper company. It was modeled after a boat called a Sail-Rite, we drew some blanks on that boat as well. Anyways this is a two seater
with a rather large cockpit much more room then the typical Nite. The sailplan is pretty similar in shape and size to a Nite and when sailing seem to have similar performance. It for sure fits in the C skeeter rules.

The nice thing about Randy picking this boat up is he has yet another different boat to add to his collection. He currently has a D sternsteerer, a couple of Lockley skimmers, and this boat as well.
He is almost his own club so to speak as he brings them all down on one big and loaded trailer. Then the fun begins.

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