Sunday, June 9, 2013

2013 End of Season Award Party


We had a good turnout for the season ending award night for the GLIYC. Other then the fact that it was almost ready to refreeze the lake that night, we had a solid turnout and a great party at the Friday cottage. That being Maureen and Julie's family cottage, thanks for letting us come again this year.

Though we did not get in the amount of racing we all would have probably liked, we none the less got some trophies in to celebrate the accomplishments for the season. And man was it a season to remember. Those that sailed off lake like Mike J had great regattas which propelled Mike into winning the Sweetwater Trophy. A very nice one to be sure.

In our fledgling Nite Fleet we had Drew Zeratsky win the rookie of the year trophy. Drew bought a boat three days before the regatta and three days later was racing the 2013 Nite Nationals. He did pretty good for his first regatta. Needless to say he is getting better every time he hits the boat.

Our newly established youth trophy called the Norton Morgan Trophy or the Morgan Norton was awarded to our top youth sailor. This years winner is Emma Zeratsky. She basically lived iceboating this season as she sailed everything she could all season long. You name it she sailed it, sternsteerers, Nites, Ice Opti's, Skeeters and then some.
The last trophy of the night was the Harry Norton Trophy for dedication to the sport of Iceboating. It is a great trophy with a lot of history engraved on it. There are some big names on that trophy. This year they put my name on it. It is quite the honor to follow those before me to say the least. This all would not have been possible if all those that helped all year long check ice, rig boats, fix boats, and finally do the little things that help make everyone keep coming back. It for sure is not a one person award but I am sure grateful for this honor and sure thank all those that helped alongside me.
We all believe it was a coming of age season for our club. Too many kids to count running around the iceboats and trailers all season long. A new fleet with growing enthusiasm with our Nites. People buying boats and making an investment in the sport and the club. Finally, who would have thought in a million years that little old GLIYC would be the host club of the 100 year anniversary of the NIYA.
You just gotta believe sometimes.

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