Monday, October 28, 2013

GLIYC Fall Party

Thanks to all those that came to the party on Sunday we had a nice turnout and the display of boats brought a few more people around to see what was going on. A bunch of thanks to people, the Town Square of Green lake especially Phil and Fran who helped get tables out and opened up the opportunity to use the building. It is always nice to have more places to meet at. The social committee for making sure we had people and food lined up, this is no easy task, so thanks Maureen and Mimi. Thanks to those that brought boats, Mike and Julie, Morgans for use Ice Opti and Drew Zeratsky and Emma for use of her new Nite and also Andy Gratton for bringing down the micro sternsteerer the peanut. The entertainment was a slideshow of photos from the Northwest last year so thank you to Mike and Julie (Gretchen D collection) for bringing it.

In club news there were two new directors added, Drew Zeratsky and Peter Hoeper they both will do an excellent job I am sure. Our newest flag officer is Todd Morgan who will be assuming the Vice Commodore position. Todd has a lot of experience and energy and this will really be a great thing for the GLIYC. As of yesterday the membership numbers looked really solid this early in the season, as we tend to add more as the season progresses. In first time in a long very long time we will be adding fleet captains to the mix of the club. The racing within the club had for 20 plus years been mostly single class, that being DN. Now due to the problem of a rapidly growing Nite fleet (13 boats)we have a situation of having two fleets racing. Having better communication was imperative amongst the fleets. In the ushering in of this new practice our new fleet captains are Mike Jankowski for the DNs and Emma Zeratsky for the Nites. Emma is looking forward to doing this and honestly having a youth member dragging us all into the digital world will be exciting and refreshing. The Nites are a new fleet here and young new energy is what we need. We will soon have to watch out for the power of Orange Crush or whatever she names her boat.

The club ATV received some good news as well. As it will be receiving new rubber all the way around. It was in need of new tires and a bunch of members seized the moment and stepped up big time. Thanks to Rick Evans, Geoff Catlin, Drew Zeratsky, Maureen and Dan Bohleber and the Hayashi's for donating to the cause. Brian will take care of this soon and be ready for ice in.

Work nights will now be Wednesday Nights at Shoreline Marine Contractors. Thank you to Peter for opening up part of his shop for projects this winter. We have had great experiences with this throughout the years and hope to continue the tradition on.

It was a great way to end a fall weekend and starting Wednesday so start the work nights. See you there.

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