Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NITE Fever

There are a bunch of different lines we could go with here but NITE fever seems to be the best choice. Everyone is working on their Nite right now it seems. Joe's new boat the Green Hornet showed up over the weekend. He is fast at work optimizing the boat. I bet he goes real fast.

I think everything on this boat is tricked out to some degree. The wood parts look great as well and are all getting the epoxy process right now.

We also have another used Nite coming as well. You will never guess who either.


  1. No it should be the Green Lake Hornet, watchout it will bite you in the ass!

  2. Personaly I'll take that bet as I will be out front. "Bite on"

  3. OH another smack talker what bet might that be.