Monday, March 17, 2014

A Big Weekend of Iceboating

It was probably one of the biggest weekends of iceboating in a long time, and of course it all happened on Green Lake. The west end of the lake was swarmed with iceboats of all sizes and shapes as both the Northwest Ice Yachting Association and the Nite National Association both had their Championships this weekend. Besides the racers we had crusiers of every size and shape, there must have been an additional 20-30 different out of town sailors on the ice as well.

These video is of a couple of our local sailors GLIYC Vice Commodore Todd Morgan and also Peter Vandervelde. They both sailed in the B Skeeter class in the Northwest. Other members who sailed were Dan Bierman, and Andy Gratton.
The regatta chair Todd Morgan who ran a great regatta for the GLIYC. He made sure everything got done and everyone had a great time. As Dawn his wife said: This is what your boat looks like when you're the vice commodore for the host club. Todd Morgan didn't get to sail on the last day of the 2014 NIYA Regatta so he could help on the course. Miss Geneva rests.
Thanks to all those that came up for the big event over the weekend hope to see you soon.

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