Sunday, February 20, 2011

GLIYC Sternsteerer party a blast

Though the sailing on Saturday was a little light and the racing did not happen till late in the day the party that night was anything but that. The room was packed and everyone was treated to a great meal and an endless supply of iceboating movies. For some people these movies opened up a whole new view on the sport of iceboating and the long history in the Green Lake area. For the long time members or legacy members this was their opportunity to talk about the people in the movies and tell their side of the story. Needless to say, everyone learned something that night from old nicknames, to which individuals owned what boats and what happened to each local boat. It was a good crowd that had a good and fun time together and we all learned a lot.

Mike and Andy spent the night telling Sam everything he wanted to know about big boat sailing. They got him so excited they initiated Sam to his first sternsteerer ride, it just so happened it was a moonlight ride after the party. Hey it was a full moon, who knows Sam may not be long for DN's after this weekend.

Everyone had a blast even Mitchee......

For those that joined us from other clubs thanks for coming and helping us celebrate our sternsteerer restoration and learning a little bit about our club and also Green Lake. We really appreciate all those in the club that helped at the party, from cooking to cleaning, movies to setup. As always we had a great time. The boat is on the ice now and we are all waiting for the first ride of the season. Stay tuned for its first sail.

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