Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday night Ice Check

Here are the pictures from Thursday nights ice check. All the landings are in good shape and still firm, the county park ramp has a slight amount of snow but was solid. As for the lake we didn't lose much thickness but we now have a pretty scrubbed surface. There is minimal water and tonight we will be freezing in the high 20's. The club is sailing out of the ABA on the north side of the lake right in front of the best sheet of ice. We will be sailing early AM on Friday.


  1. Could someone post a map showing lake access locations or a description of where or what the ABA on the north side is?

    Thank you!


    I hope this link works. Otherwise check out the Green Lake Ice Yacht Club page for the link. It is a google map showing current landings including the ABA. There is no parking at the ABA lot but there is a lot about a quarter mile down the road. Check out the map for details

  3. ....GLIYC facebook page.... (I meant)