Monday, October 31, 2011

A Big Thank You

Thanks to all those that are helping support our fledgling youth ice boating program up here in Green Lake, locally what can you say about Julie Jankowski who is helping to keep this thing driving forward, she is sure following through with her platform of bringing in more new people to the sport. Go Julie!

Joe Norton is helping a ton as well by building jigs, sourcing materials and loaning shop space. This is a huge help for all of us.

We have had a bunch of support from outside as well, Ron Sherry and Helen Sherry donated numerous DN parts and pieces too numerous to list which will help immensely. Jane Pegel gifted us with starting blocks, racing gear and blocks. We also received a  complete boat from Jim Singleton which will make an excellent starter boat for kids coming out of the Ice Optis. There was also a trailer donated I am not sure who gave it, but a big thank you it will help a bunch.

If you have questions of whether you can help out, or you have something that might help get our young sailors out on the ice give us an email or call.

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