Friday, December 23, 2011

Joe's Christmas update

On Wednesday's work night the kids started sanding the hulls, routing the edges of the decks and bottoms(yes the kids), finishing the nose and sterns and generally getting the hulls ready for epoxy and paint! The boats are looking very very good, I can't tell you how pleased the kids were when they stopped long enough to look at the final product! We are getting to the epoxying and painting stage now, which means that we need a lot of adult mentors to help these kids with the precise, detail work that these jobs require. Also, if anyone has palm or electric sanders with sandpaper please bring that along as the kids will be working on individual boats. One of these nights might be a good time for an ice yacht club party/cook out. We are getting near Ice time and a lot of our members will have some free time between the holidays!
Joe Norton

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