Monday, January 30, 2012

Nope its still there

I heard the funniest story being bandied about, something about the lake blowing out Saturday night, hmmm I had to check that story out just to see if we had missed something or that the rum from the commodores party hit someone hard. So this afternoon I went down to the ABA and then the east end to pick around and see what little ice remained. Contrary to the current rumor mill (Mint Green Renegade) the lake was just fine. The ice was hard , there were few if any drifts, and lots of gray peaking through.

What we do know is that the ice is now up to six inches on the east end out in front of Norton's. There is a heave just in front of the restaurant running towards the bay. After that the traditional north-south heave has not appeared. All this information is from Drew who yesterday sailed from end to end a couple of times in his Boemke B skeeter, a Nite and DN also made the trip as well.

In the middle of the lake the ice was solid and again similar in thickness and snow coverage. So tonight we can all rest easy knowing that the lake remains frozen and solid and still making ice.

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