Monday, January 30, 2012

Did you get your fill?

What a great weekend of sailing and social fun. Though it was blowing crazy on Saturday in the 20's everyone got out and had some great rides. Some of the Madison guys came up and sailed Dn's which was great a few others went back to sail club races. All in all we had a good mix with everything from a sternsteerer and a skeeter to about 10 DN's and a bunch of Nites and a few Arrows. It was a solid pit area with lots of spectators and families viewing from the trailers and getting great rides throughout the afternoon.

The weekend was not just about "Ice Time" but also about the opening party of the season. The GLIYC is a pretty socially driven group as well and Saturday we had the opportunity to go to the Commodores house for a night of cocktails and appetizers. It was a well attended party and ran late into the night. There was the standard talk going and then some, as I felt lucky to get out of there not having bought either a sternsteerer or an elevator pass for a single story building. It was a good time for all.

As for Sunday we got in four races for the DN's and the conditions were much better. The wind was manageable the ice was scrubbed of the remaining snow and we had virtually no drifts to speak of. We did see the start of some heaves on the lake but some boats were able to sail the entire lake from east to west.

We will get results posted sometime today.

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