Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend Ice Report

At 7:30 AM we were out on the lake checking ice, Molly, Todd and myself. The ATV was fully gassed and we scoured the lake to see what the conditions are. I can not believe no one is out sailing right now. The ice thickness is holding at between 8 - 9 inches all over the east end of the lake. We have about 50% bare spots which are hard black ice and the other 50% have a snow covering mostly less the 1/2 inch but up to about an inch in a couple of places. I expect the snow spots to melt fairly quickly through the course of the day as it is already up to 40 and we do have full sun. It will look awesome before the sun goes down

The landings are are still good, the ice shanties are stacking up over at the landing at Horner's but there still is room. The east end off of Cty A is good but you have to cross a small heave about 200 yards out. The heave was firm and level and people are already making paths through it. The other landing at Deerings is solid as well. The club has been sailing off of Norton's but we have had an issue with a heave across the opening, there is now a solid path across on the lower end.

We will be racing this weekend and our contemplating perhaps holding an open regatta stay tuned we will let everyone know later today.

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