Monday, March 5, 2012

The Chowder was Wicked Good!!

The sailing and racing on Saturday was pretty much a loss as we got hit with about 4 inches of snow, the real problem was the slush and the hard crust that stopped it all. Anyway the day was not a loss as the party started way earlier then expected.
This fine gentleman was the designated chowder stirrer, but everything in life is about having the correct equipment as a chowder fork (really do exist) the task was way easier. Even the potatoes stayed firm.
We even learned a new term that night, I think it is IBBFF. It sounds like some infomercial term from late night TV. I will have to check in with Mitch if it is anything he has ever heard of.
Of course the ICE HOLE schnapps was flowing, and then the real ice boating took place. I heard somewhere that ice time with the boat was about 10% of the equation, complete BS'ing was the other 90%. To that effect we all decided that we were voting in Capt Mike for el presidente of the The International Sternsteerer Association, do not confuse this with the WISSA. One is legit the other promises to be way more fun.
This fine club member thought that if we had a drill we could turn this into a giant silver sippy cup with the straw included. However you always need engineer tech support before embarking on an endeavour of this magnitude. The bright side is that this made it home to its new owner without any modifications.
The highlight of the night was Dan's 60's birthday and him cutting the cake. Unfortunately Flat Stanley's sister was unable to leap out of the sheet cake, what a bummer. However the graphic was cool as Debbie spent all afternoon painting it on, we have decided she has a career in painting, or at least painting iceboats.
Long time member and the only legacy member of the GLIYC Bob Herman was also in attendance at the party. We heard great stories back from the day when he owned the Dutchman and a host of other boats. It was great hearing how it used to be, I think they partied more then we do according to Bob, what a scary thought.

What a great weekend.

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