Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer awards night

The GLIYC finally got in its season trophy night, and we could not have picked a better night to do it. It was great temps with a strong breeze blowing across the lake that made the cottage party a great time. Thanks for all those involved in providing the location for the club to have this get together. At first no one had any idea how many would show for this event as the season end so quickly and this is the beginning of summer. We were all fooled by the attendance with really a good showing of most members and also a fair bunch of our youth sailors as well.

The outside deck scene at the cottage was thriving in conversation of building more boats. The inside scene was where the hardware was given out.
A few people were brought to tears.
All in all it was a fun night to be out at the lake. Thanks to all those that traveled in for this like Deb, she is always representing 4LIYC ice or no ice.
See everyone real soon as the Green Lake Wooden Boat Show will be fast approaching.

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