Friday, October 26, 2012

Iceboat Bucket list

So if you had a Iceboat Bucket List what would it be? Maybe a new sail, a special boat, the perfect regatta, or maybe perfect ice? Let's hear it. Don't be shy.


  1. 5. Beat Mike Peters out of an iceboat buy!
    4. Spend two months straight iceboating.
    3. Buy A class sternsteerer.
    2. Throw legendary iceboat party of huge proportions, serve Michigan Cherry Juice.
    1. Design new iceboat class.

  2. 1. Full-Moonlight sail again 'till sun comes up on sheer black ice with lots of like-minded we used to !!!
    2. Get lots of newbies of all ages racing.
    3. Hold the IDNIYRA World Championships on Green Lake, WI
    4. Race atleast once in each iceboat class in the Northwest Regatta
    5. Race in Europe in one World Championship

  3. E class 22ft mint with 2 SPARS raced on Gull Lake in Augusta, Mi.
    $5000 OBO!
    Cliff Brainard, Gull Lake, Mi
    269 731 5726