Friday, November 2, 2012

First Meeting of the Season

Hey Man it's Iceboat Time!
Ken and Mike our Northern Friends and club members!
You know it is time to get your act together, load up the boat, sharpen the runners, dig out the right clothes, because when these guys show up it is game on. Last night was the first O-fficial start of the GLIYC season. It was the best showing for an opener that I have attended as a member of the club. There were some fifty people in attendance with at least four separate clubs represented, not too bad for a launch party.
The big topics of discussion were elections of new board members, the usual club operational figures, regatta attendance at different events and what were going to be projects for the season. Our new board members for this year include Drew Vanderville and Brian Dudek, Drew has served a term before and this time around from what I hear is excited to do even more photo and video work for the club. You are the man Drew! Our newest board member is Brian Dudek, he has done so much for the club lately whether it is ATV stuff or just plain help and is always at club functions, he is just a great person to be involved with. I think the club will be well served with these new additions.
On the topic of regattas the club voted to hold our first youth ice opti event ever. The event we are going to hold is a fun HOLIDAY SERIES Ice Opti Youth Regatta on the 29th of December. This fits nicely in between the holidays and as Joe Norton stated it maybe hard or soft water but it is going to happen! By the amount of kids running around last night at the meeting, we should have a good turnout. For the record bringing kids to your meetings and events immerses them in the sport the right way. Stay tuned for more Holiday Series information.
Talking about youth sailors our last trophy from the end of last season went out to Luke Morgan, it was slow in being dispensed however the BOD felt he should be awarded in front of his peers. Way to go Luke!
Luke Morgan holding the hardware.
The GLIYC Womens racing team? Watchout for the one in the pink.
As for the rest of our time, there was plenty of discussion going on about what people were planning for this season. Again we will be doing work nights and we have two new venues coming online. Next Thursday we will be moving our Ice Opti production down the road to Nolan Wallenfang's shop, he is our world class furniture maker. There will also be some shop time at Drew's shop as well once we hit the month of December. In all I think we have four different locations for all sorts of projects. Work nights start this coming Thursday at 6:00 at Norton's boatworks.
Mimi, Kenny and Geoff wanna throw a party.

More photos and party gossip to follow.....stay tuned!

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