Saturday, February 16, 2013

250 and then some

As the local boats were sailing up the lake to get to the west end yesterday you would have been amazed at the amount of call volume that occurred. It was amazing, sail fifty yards head to wind and answer the phone, again and again and again. Damn it was like watching Happy Gilmore putt, putt, putt. Well needless to say, the Nite Nationals are happening at least three calls on that one, on number two yes there is plenty of space for you and your skeeter friends we like everybody here. For three yes there will be Opti sailing this weekend.

Now as for the party tonight, Hey Donny (4LIYC Commodore) we will do our best to provide palm trees, rum drinks and chicks in coconut bikini's. The party starts at 6:30.

Oh and the 250 or then some, nothing like answering your phone standing over 250 ft of ice on top of water with the sun beating down on you as you try to go sailing. You can't do it on any lake but ours.

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