Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting ready day

Today is a big staging day for this weekend. First the Nite National Championship is being sailed on the west end of the lake site to be determined. They will be sailing out of Dodge Park on the west end. It looks like we will have sailing six local boats in the fleet which is great. Many new Nite skippers, I believe there will be four first time Nite racers and of that mix two new sailors? This should be a fun weekend for all.

Do not forget that also we have a club winter at the Legion Hall in Green Lake at 6:30. This is downtown and across from the city hall. It sounds like we have a pretty good size crowd already coming and it should as always be a blast.

Thanks for all those that are already helping out, Joe with the regatta and planning, Mimi with the party and her helpers, race team Matt and Chris, Jim and Maureen. Keep up the great work.

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