Monday, February 18, 2013

For the love of iceboating

This has been a busy few weeks for growth in our own local Nite fleet. We have had a slew of people buying boats and we have more looking for them right now. Things are going really well. As everyone knows by now we just finished hosting the Nite National regatta over the weekend. We did alright as a GLIYC group in that we made just about every race, had a few technical issues/breakdowns but all in all had a good time. A couple of us made the trophies but perhaps the most inspiring thing I saw out of the whole weekend came to me from Drew Zeratsky. Understand Drew just bought his first Nite, this was his first race per say, and his first regatta. Needless to say Emma who is really involved with the club and spends a lot of time on the boats gave dear dad perhaps the best trophy of all.

I think that is a gift all of us would like to have.


  1. This is too sweet!...Love it. Makes all the nights of boat building, etc. worth every second!

  2. I too would have to agree.