Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So what really works to get people to iceboat. Interesting topic which everyone has an opinion on. But honestly what gets people excited about wanting to come down in the cold and hang out all day and enjoy the sport. That is a great question with no defined answer, we all probably give lots of rides and experiences but what really gets people to go out and buy a boat and come join your club?

It is my belief that people want to have an opportunity to enjoy any experience, if it is something that is repeatable you continue to get them to participate and hopefully invest in the activity. In the case of iceboating you hope that by experiencing it they will then buy their own boat and then influence another person, family or individual to do the same.

I had a great discussion with a long time sailing family from Madison, they have sailed for ever in the area. They have had an iceboat for a long time, however they raced lightly and enjoyed the iceboating as purely recreational. It was mentioned how back in the day people would just put them on the ice with the family for a day of sailing, if the weather held out then it stayed on the ice longer. He was one of 14 families that had similar boats on their side of the lake. What was funny was how he said when one family launched their boat the rest followed suit. This was not about the racing but about a day of enjoyment spent on the lake.

Something to really think about.

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