Friday, March 8, 2013

Re Re Re Re

Recruit, Resurface, Return, Rebuild

It has been a few weeks of the RE's going on as far as the iceboating.

Recruiting has been going good and we continue to have people asking when are we going to be out on the ice full steam and sailing. As you all know it is weather driven but it is still great to hear people wanting to to go out and experience the sport.

Resurface well we are waiting for that to happen on the lake. The melting going is helping but the rain for tomorrow should really help out. I was in Mad town yesterday and Mendota had much more snow cover then we did so maybe we will be at least surface by Sunday? Lets hope so.

Return, ah yes we now have another Nite to add to the growing fleet up here. Another red boat to add to the other new red boat which sails against the other red boat. I guess the theme is red this year green last year.

Rebuild, much better then repair. Brian has been working on his boat, Joe is building Nite parts to stay busy and the rest of us who knows. However there is a nice pile of Sitka sitting up here.

Later this morning a quick ice check. Hopefully lots of gray spots.

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