Monday, March 11, 2013

Operation Iceboat

Well for all those that worried about the weather the snow that missed us and went North. All I heard was the 5-6 inches of snow we were going to get, and did it show? The side walk was bare this morning. I would say now is the time to worry less and sail more. If you want to learn storm fronts, climatology and or weather forecasting we do offer a course in it.

This is going to be a huge week in that the conditions are near perfect for an end of the season iceboating blitzkrieg. What this means is that we have a golden opportunity to sail every day this week. The forecast are great so expect to see at least me out there starting this afternoon at about 2:00 pm.

In other news I would say it would be bordering the insane not to have the Northwest Regatta this weekend but people have done well.....things, so chances are it is one of two locations. I am gutsy enough to say it will probably be on Green Lake. So Emma and Drew get home quick.

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