Monday, March 18, 2013

Those that saved the regatta

What defines history are events in time which exceed peoples expectations of the outcome. For all intents the 100th Anniversary of the NIYA should probably have never come off according to the purists, spring ice, threat of snow, very marginal landings. But what makes history is how you over come the obstacles presented to you. People will remember many things but it was all possible due to the small group that made it all that much easier to launch the boats, to get your car on the ice to go and spectate. These people were mentioned at the banquet but many of them were not there. This is our chance to thank those that did the quiet job. Thanks to the following:

Randy Hammond who provided the landscape mats and each day keep things tied together.
Peter and Drew Vandervelde who provided most all of the long 4 x 6 materials.
Randy Norton, Zack Bierman, Todd Morgan and kids, Steve Sohn, Mike Jankowski and a few others who helped in the process who knew they helped (DN Guys).


  1. Great way to sum it all up. Thanks again for everyone's hard work.
    Deb Whitehorse

  2. Let's not forget yourself...Mr. Humble...We all need to Thank John Hayashi BIG TIME for orchestrating all of this...ever vigilent...overseeing our host club's work to make sure this regatta happened...we love you John...Thank you Mimi for lending him to us!! Julie J

  3. Iceboating is synonymous with Optimism..... you can't have one without the other.
    Iceboaters are a special group of men and woman.
    Congratulations to the NIYA to look to the next 100 years, the support of GLIYC (Green Lake), and all who helped make this event a great moment in history.

    Pete Sarelis
    Gull Lake Ice Yacht Club, Michigan