Monday, March 18, 2013

The Takeaway

If you know me, then you know I have a plethora of terms that I use to describe different things at regattas. The second day of the regatta is always the moving up day for the event as most people are either sailed out or are coasting at that point. Well the Takeaway is what you learned from the event, did you win it, did you go faster, did you experience something new?

For the GLIYC, we should be amazed at the crowds of people that were trudging out to the race courses in twos or threes or groups to watch the racing. These people knew they wanted to experience the sport and see what was going on. Most of my regatta was spent on the ATV,
as we shuttled stuff back and forth, people gear and the like. Each time I came into the pits area different people were mingling around talking to sailors, taking pictures of boats and experiencing what we may take for granted but what really is the awe of this sport.

The mass of cars and trailers strewn randomly across the ice, the boats rigged or unrigged nestled in whatever space they can find. It is a modern day form of the ancient pioneer roundup. To the average person it was more of a spectacle, to us it is merely an iceboating regatta. All of this however, makes it easier to explain to the masses what iceboating really is, to people who may never ever see this again in their life. To others the opportunity to get involved in it.

Our takeaway for the club is this, that the experience of having the regatta makes it even easier to get our friends and neighbors to try and experience the sport. For those looking to get involved it provides the opportunity to get that first boat. As of this morning the phones have already been ringing with people looking for that first boat. Pretty amazing the whole experience when you think about it.

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