Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I think we put Z back on the map

In a galaxy long long ago......

Its kind of like that in a way. There was a time and place where we had lots of DN's some of the hottest sailing guys in the iceboating circles. Sternsteerers lined the driveways and club outings were pretty big events. What was old history maybe what is now new history. Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks and some new dogs some new tricks.

If the results are any indication I think we can rightfully say we held our own. In all the classes, we had boats representing which I think is a first in a very long time. A couple of us were probably smart in not leaving the pits and joining the push parade with the big boats but that was probably a wise judgement, both medically and physically.

For those that did get out and race the results I think were better then we expected. Who would of thought we would have a race winner in this regatta? His boat has never been setup and measured and tuned, hell he is lucky if the runners have an edge. Yet Peter was able to get the boat around the course in very lousy conditions and take the flag in his first ever B regatta. He ended up in fourth place for a solid showing. Our newest racer Todd Morgan made us all proud in that this was his first regatta or race ever. The guy is a stand up guy just ask any DN sailor, rumor has it they love him.

In the second largest fleet the Renegade class, Dan Bierman sailing I believe his fourth regatta ever in this class ended up in third place overall. There is something to be said for consistency when it comes to making the top five. Look at the list below you on the scoring card Dan there are some big names who have won a bunch of stuff over the years below you.

The largest class was the DN group. Of course Mike Jankowski was really in the hunt and finished strong as the regatta wore on. He ended up in third in the 22 boat fleet. Besides racing, bridge building, and setting up two boats for an entire regatta he had time to take on even more responsibility becoming the NIYA Vice Commodore, a little hint Mike the Vice's do all the work :) .
Congrats to Joe, Julie and Peter for hanging tough in the middle, that is usually the hardest sailing in any regatta, as you are dealing with lots of traffic and craziness.

In the skeeters it was great to see Randy Norton out there. I think it has been along time since Doug represented the club in that class and it was great to see Randy following in his footsteps.

I hope everyone had a great time and lets hope the snow dissipates so we can end the season on a high note with some spring sailing.

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