Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Great Article on the Boecraft page

Thanks for the heads up. There was a great article written by Steve S. about the 100th NIYA Regatta last week. Check it out here http://www.boecraft.com/

My favorite part was the following:

This was the first time the B-Skeeters had a separate starting place in the rotation. Eight boats registered and seven competed. The Geneva Boats were joined by two enthusiastic and competitive Green Lake boats.
Todd Morgan sailed his father Franklin (Hink) Morgan’s Miss Geneva III. Peter Vandervelde sailed the former green snowflake formerly owned by Fred Doolittle.
Hink Morgan was a major player in the NIYA, sailing Ferdinand the Bull in Class A and winning numerous times. He was also well known for his wit and especially for his chowder. This regatta marked a first return for the Morgan family to the NIYA. The BoeCraft fleet included not only Todd his son, but Troy Soberg and Kaahlen O’Laughlin, his Grandsons.
As I always tell Todd, man you are royalty in the iceboating world.

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