Monday, April 1, 2013

April iceboating

Who would have thought that by now we would still have 15 inches of ice on the lake. A bunch of people went out and flew around as the wind was just about ideal for this morning. It has been a while and there has been a lot of news going on up here.

Todd Morgan bumped up his program and has decided that he needed to go even faster. I hear there is a new sail on order with the goal being to beat the pants off both his cousins. I bet this sail is really fast....stay tuned.

Peter V after seeing the Nite fleet grow so fast just purchased a new Nite, I mean a newer one. Then again buying a multi championship boat really is the way to go. We welcome him out on the race course, hopefully we will all get to see it on Friday at the big party.

We will have another female Nite sailor on the course next season, after sailing every one's boat she has finally gotten her own boat. We hear Maureen is going to name this boat Yakty Yak. You go girl!

In a true show of sportsmanship Joe offered John his speed mast. He is going to make another one just like it but even better. What a class act that Joe is.


  1. Way to go Todd, Peter, Maureen, Joe & John..

  2. Let us know if it looks like sailing this weekend!
    I think we may be done here in Madison (icefishing ATV through Middleton Bay last Sunday). I know I'll be up there if there's sailing, and I'll bet some other "Team Madison" folks might be too!

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