Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Its 2014 its already looking DY NO MITE

At nine and a half hours into 2014 things are looking pretty good right now. We escaped the big snow, we have boats on the ice on the west end. They sailed it yesterday and the report is as follows: 50% is hard ice with a light dusting very hard ice. Thickness 7 inches. The other half is mixed with some low drifts 1-2" in places scattered, you definitely need some wind to go but they moved fine in the area they sailed yesterday and it was 8-10. A couple of Madison boats show up late in the day. The club boats will probably make their way down there.

The middle of the lake froze over AGAIN for like the third time one person has scouted the edges but not gone farther, we will be out on that perhaps late today before dusk. Minimal if any snow cover no good entry points yet.

No club stance yet on what is going on for the weekend? However the Nites are firing up for some racing, we have a new member and a new boat to add to the roster. Welcome Paula Bersie (my I-20 crew) to the mix. The new boat is 274, no name yet but a solid navy blue boat in good shape. I think we are getting close to the magic 15 all we need is a couple more. Seven boats in 8 months?? Wow.
Joe's is just short wires which we will be making on Thursday.

In other news Saturday night The Hayashi's will be throwing a party to celebrate, hopefully our first sanctioned club Nite Races, if we don't sail we can at least load up the new dishwasher and run load after load of Mt Gay cocktail glasses.  Details to follow.

Other reports in that Wawasee had near perfect black ice they sailed it all day yesterday and then last night got shut down with 5 inches of snow. That sure stinks. Don Sanford mentioned snow in Madison yesterday and he might come up over the weekend to join the other local Nites.

Seeing as the Nites have no regattas till late January I am talking about personally hosting a fun regatta the weekend of the 11th and 12th up on Green Lake conditions pending for the Nite fleet this is in the works but of course not yet confirmed. Will keep everyone updated.

Last sail of the season belongs to Drew Zeratsky and Randy Hammon yesterday, or is it the first of the season?


  1. Any prediction for the Western Regional ??

  2. Bob,

    No one seems to have any info on locations sites for the DN regatta. You need missle clearance for that. The only sites possible after Wawasee and Peru got dumped on might be St Claire or possibly Southern Ill. I was in Minnesota yesterday and they were buried, Wisconsin I think is buried with exception of Green Lake and Geneva. No comment on Geneva, but I have heard they are monitoring us. My guess is I am not sure. I do know a hoard of Nites are sailing here this weekend. Our shop was packed all day with last minute projects, tomorrow is a rig up day.