Monday, February 10, 2014

All is quiet or is it

Well people have found stuff to do as we patiently await the warmer weather that might bring some conditions that might make it possible to iceboat. So what do you do when there is no ice. If you are Drew Z you build up your runner program for your Nite and those of your friends. If you are Todd you await word on the state of your skeeter. If you are Mitch you get the above pictured out of the barn and start working on it. For others like Lou Lonneke you brave the elements and commute to build a new Nite mast up in Green Lake.

As for conditions the southern part of the state continues to get more and more snow. We have been lucky to only receive small dustings under a 1/2 inch the last few times if that. We shall see what shapes up this weekend.

No response yet with any Dn results from the Shadow will post when I get them.

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