Tuesday, February 4, 2014


From somebody not sure who,

It might be nice if this site got updated with current conditions on at least a weekly basis. Things do change. We had some races a few weeks ago. Could the results be posted.

Sure tell me your name and I would be glad to get information from you for the page. The club also uses facebook as another way of disseminating information. It has been quite active as of late.

Hey here is an update for you.

Ice Report: UNOFFICIAL of course lots of snow on the ice with trucks driving on it.

Racing: No club races since the first couple of weekends in January. The Dn's sailed their own regatta we do not have results for those races. Not official club races either way.

Nites: Sailed races which we scored ourselves in the group and also outside the group. That way they could be tallied two ways.

Race 1: 1st J Norton 595, 2nd D Zeratsky 305, 3rd R Norton ?, 4th P Bersie 274, M Bolheber 149 DNS

Race 2: 1st P Bersie 274, 2nd M Bohleber 149, 3rd D Zeratsky 305

Race 3: 1st P Bersie 274, M Bohleber 149 DNF, D Zeratsky 305 DNS

Race winners so far are Joe Norton and Paula Bersie. Both new Nite owners.

Current season standings:
1st   Paula Bersie             6
2nd  Joe Norton               9
3rd   Drew Zeratsky       10
4th   Maureen Bohleber 11
5th   Randy Norton        13

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