Thursday, March 6, 2014

Heat Wave

A couple of us started staging the boats back down to the ice late this afternoon. Where are boats were setup there is 1-2 inches of snow with some rare drifts. The sun and the southerly wind was knocking the height down, the high was only about 22 degrees but it was T shirt weather in comparison to what we have seen.

Leaving the pits and walking out to where we sailed out of last week the snow was at about an inch, with light drifting. With no rain in the forecast now but 40's for the next four days I can not believe it will not be good to sail on by this weekend. The wind forecast looks better on Sunday anyways and a few of us are lining up something for that day.

For everyone south of us they kind of got pummeled by the two snow events earlier in the week, I am being told. I would not be amazed if Green Lake is hot sailing for the next few weeks.

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