Monday, March 10, 2014

The lowdown is the snow's down

Sunday was as they say "A most excellent day".

We made the most of it and sailed and sailed and sailed some more. Joe Norton got out and tested his boat, I did likewise. Joe's results were better then mine but oh well. I have come to the conclusion that Joe has made a Nite that will not hike, nor does it like Green Eggs and Ham for that matter. Anyways, Don Nelson (Anderson) Renegade guy from Madison  showed up, looked at the ice took Joe's boat for a spin and made two funny statements. #1 Joe you know if I had a Nite like this I would not be sailing a Renegade. Hmmm makes you think. #2 The ice here is way better then ..... down south. Needless to say the phone lines fired up all afternoon as Joe's phone was glowing like a reactor.

Who would have thought Green Lake was all of sudden the center of just about every class of iceboats Championship. We may not be the "Home of the Champions" but instead the "Home of the Championships".  I might have to market that one, shirts, hats and cups.

We hopefully have footage coming from Drew V on his wild ride with the insane. He decided to ride the plank and shoot footage of the two crazies sailing the B Sternsteerer. Luckly it was not quite topping 30 mph yet. He survived, he commented I really do not like sailing on the low side shrouds. Camera guys always complain it seems. So stay tuned for Drew's video shorts.
Stay tuned for more updates on the conditions as local people are setting up even more stuff and others are sailing this afternoon. The latest count has us up to three potential Championships in the works and an ever exciting March.

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