Sunday, January 23, 2011

1/23/11 Ice Report

Here is the local Green Lake ice report.

The west end of the lake was checked again today. There were nice areas of ice with a light 1/2 inch cover of snow and then you were standing in 3 inches of slush on top of hard clear black ice. Again no drifts at all. What we believe is happening is the ice is sinking in spots where the slush is. What is odd is that the slush spots are not freezing even in the last week of extreme cold temps. On the plus side there are minimal if not any atv tracks or snowmobile tracks and no ice holes or shanties, the ice sheet is very level. The question is when do the slush spots freeze solid. The ice depth seems to be hovering at 5 inches with more ice or less ice in some places(slush spots). The middle part of the lake has not been checked yet it was the last to freeze.

We will check again Monday.

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