Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yes we are Extreme for 4000 years

We are going to roll with this one and take it as fact, it is on the internet right?
The idea of skimming along on Woolly Mammoth runners using the old Terodactyl style rig is pretty intriguing I will say. We will have to discuss this tonight. Maybe the iceboating world will have to go to throwback terminology from back in the day. As I always say what is old is now new.

Tonight's meeting should be a good one as we may have a huge showing of new people judging from the local talk. We will have to just wait and see. More kids and women in the club would be great for everyone. I think I have Patty Roth and Chris Hills convinced into iceboating this season, as I mentioned all you need is a warm fur(fake or real) and a bottle of Michigan Champagne aka Cherry juice and you will absolutely never feel the cold. You may pass out but you can play through that issue.

Tonight's big topics of discussion are when we want the lake to freeze, you know you can choose that, right? Maybe a little ice Opti talk, and for old time sake does anyone REALLY know where the sternsteerer sail is? Just kidding.

So remember bring a friend, a fellow sailor, and be there.

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