Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How about a little help here!!!

So you are a new person to the sport of ice boating, you have seen the boats zipping around in front of your house, or maybe the Union down on campus. You are real excited and can not wait to get your first ride on one of these rocket ships. You finally get offered a ride on someones iceboat and have a blast. Well welcome to the world of being a Newbie or maybe not?

There are many different terms that people use to define or reference those that are new to any sport or activity. When I first started swimming competitively in the late 70's we were referred to as guppies. I suppose we looked like them and swam like them but it was somewhat innocent back then. In today's scene I must say the Newbie reference does little to impress anyone or better yet influence someone else to try something new, especially with a sport that is not particularly mainstream in nature.

But, what is a Newbie, is he or she the FNG? The town idiot which shows an interest in your sport of all sports?

So what is a Newbie in the ice boating world? Is it the person that tips over his or her boat in the pits forgetting to nose up to the wind or for cleating the main? I must say I have seen Skeeters and just about everything else on their side at sometime or another in the pits. Or could it be the person who gets flickered, the other one who gets launched or better yet tips over an untippable boat. Hmmmm. How about the person who takes out the landing at the regatta site after reading the board that says hand launch and then proceeds to drive on. Need we even mention tripstays, we all know they are there for an intended purpose but they serve there second purpose quite well. Just maybe, nope.

It would be easy to pin it on any of the above, but the funny thing is that most of the aforementioned is done by the veterans, the graybeards the pros, and sometimes even the Rock Stars.

As we all start the ice boating season off, think of referring to the people as anything but Newbies. They are important life blood for the sport, they are excited, passionate, and full of the energy that every Ice Yacht Club needs to swell its ranks. Most of all they are fun and honestly make all of us better people by their involvement. So what are they then?

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  1. You cant put a handel on an Iceboater as they could be a CEO a Farmer A factory worker a Boatbuilder or a nobody but when they are on the ice they are all equal in stature and are there because they love the thrill the danger the excitment, the comeradery look at it this way how do you identify someone in a snowmoblie suit a helmet with goggles. we are all "iceboaters" Most of all thrill seekers! Hard workers who put many hours of work into their boat for the chance of a short but exciting ride.