Monday, December 2, 2013

Now put the pedal down!

Iceboating projects have a life of their own, we dig into projects and they sit and sit and then maybe spring to life at the weirdest time. We have one of these projects in the GLIYC. Brian Dudek our all around mechanic, good guy, fixer upper had a project that he had been working on for quite some time. He had an older DN that his father had built along time ago, the boat needed some work as it had some structural issues over the years. There had been plans to build new, maybe recondition it was a debate either way. The one thing Brian had going for him was the fact that he had people that wanted to help.

With this new project he was able to get a used DN hull from Mike Jankowski which needed some repair but was in good shape otherwise. With an assist from Nolan Wallenfang they rebuilt the hull damage and made it solid again. This was last season. Fast forward to 2013-14 and the rest of the project that had to be done. One of the goals of the project was to be able to have foot steering, as Brian had some limited use of his right arm. The engineering was flying for sure, in the end I think we have a simple system that should work.

Last night we put it all together. It should be ready for the next weekends ice!

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